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Worship Package #1 "Look To Jesus"
This Package features 4 songs.
  • "Look To Jesus" 3 verses and refrain

"...Beyond the conflicts, beyond the fear, despite our shattered dreams, failures, grief and despair, look to Jesus. Reach out your hand, let Him touch you. Make you whole..."

  • "Healer of My Heart" 4 verses, thoughtful

"...Healer of my heart, Healer of my stubborn ways, Healer of all brokenness crippled with sin. Come to this place, drink of God's life, rest, fill you soul and be made whole..."

  • "May the Peace of the Lord Go With You" benediction

"...May the peace of the Lord go with you, may His face shine upon you, May his countenance radiate light and fill you with love..."

  • "Go Out As People of God" upbeat, departure (closing) song

"...Go out as people of God. God out as people of hope, God out as people renewed. Your sins are forgiven, you are made whole, now walk in the light of God. You are the people God made as his own..."

These four songs are in the Worship Package #1, "Look To Jesus" set. They are written for song leaders, complete with keyboard, guitar, bass, accompaniment, as well as bulletin ready lead sheets (melody only.) When you buy the package (for the low cost of $15), you also receive copyright permission to use it as much as you desire within your congregation.


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