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Worship Package #4, "I Have Seen the Lord"
This Package features...
  • "What Would You Do?"  based on John 12:1-8, 3 verses   

    "Mary took a jar of costly perfume Made of the finest fragrance. She anointed the feet of her Master and Lord Then wiped His feet with her hair.  What would you do for Him?  What would you spend on Him?  Would you have time for Him?"                                                                                                                              


  • "Weep, O Daughters of Jerusalem" based on Luke 23:28, 3 vs.         

    "Weep, O Daughters of Jerusalem, Weep, O children of the earth.  Weep for the hope of our salvation Hangs on a tree suffering. Darkness covered the land, The light from the sun was gone. Soldiers gambled, the crowd watched," etc. . .

  • "I Have Seen the Lord" based on John 20. 2 vs. starting at the tomb.

    "Early in the morning Mary Magdalena came and raced to the tomb. Much to her dismay the stone was rolled away, How could people be so harsh? . . . . I have seen the Lord. I beheld His face. It was radiant and bright, glowing in light, gentle, full of grace."


  • "Feed My Sheep" based on John 21:1-19.  This is a musical dialogue between Jesus and Peter.  

    Peter asks Jesus, "How do I feed your sheep? Lord, you know that I love you, What do your sheep eat? Lord, they're restless and stubborn, They always go their own way".  Finally the congregation sing, "Follow the shepherd whereever He leads, Follow the dreams and the challenge, Follow His mercy and justice. . . . 

When you buy the package (for the low cost of $15), you also receive copyright permission to use it as much as you desire within your congregation. 


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